Setting Sail in Autumn

When it comes to fall travel, cruises tend to get overlooked. Perhaps its due to the Caribbean’s hurricane season or the thought of being on the water as the temperatures start to turning a bit more crisp. 


The fall, in fact, is an excellent time to cruise. Why? Fewer crowds, lower prices, brilliant foliage and a break before the often stressful holiday season. 


European river and barge cruises are particularly spectacular in the fall. These smaller, more intimate cruises traverse some of Europe’s most scenic waterways, including the Seine, Rhine and Danube Rivers and France’s breathtaking canals. The slow-moving boats stop at towns all along the route and allow guests the opportunity to take in the natural beauty and ambiance.


Cruises through New England and Canada on the St. Lawrence River also boast picturesque scenery. While these are not recommended for those seeking “fun in the sun” (it can get rather chilly), the fall is arguably the best time of year to experience this region. 


The Mediterranean, on the other hand, allows cruisers to extend their warm season a little longer while enjoying some of the world’s most historic and sought after destinations. There are a wide variety of mediterranean cruises (most on medium to large ships) which visit destinations such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Egypt, Israel and Morocco. 


Finally, if you just can’t get enough of the bright sun, sandy beaches, magnificent scenery and unique wildlife, cruise Australia and New Zealand. After all, it is summer “down under” and cruises in the months of September through December allow guests to take full advantage of this. These cruises are often longer, given the location of the countries and their ports of call.