Bring the Romance With You

There are plenty of ways to add extra romance to your trip - "romance packages", in room massages, couples spa treatments, candlelit dinners with wine or champagne and more. The trouble is, the prices of these services can add up quite quickly and no one wants their romantic experience to turn into a stressful one when the bill shows up. How to avoid this? Bring some of the romance with you! These days, you can find virtually everything in a travel compatible version. Here are a few examples:

Travel Candles: Sephora offers a 4-candle set of travel candles, each a different scent, for approximately $42. Check them out on Sephora's webiste . The Travel Tin Company exclusively sells travel candles in almost any scent you could imagine. Categories include seasons, holidays, food, floral, fruits, spa scents and fresh & clean. They also offer personalized tines. To browse their full collection, visit Travel Tins .

Travel Wine Accessories Magellan's sells virtually you could need to transport and serve wine on your romantic getaway. Accessories include:

Inflatable wine bucket - perfect for chilling your white wine or champagne

Packable wine glasses - the stem and the bowl detach to keep the glasses from breaking. The glasses come with a travel pouch.

Wineskin - A bubble wrap "skin" that seals at the top to protect bottle from breaking and spilling.

Travel corkscrew and foil cutter - comes with a carrying case.

Wine Transport - contains two liquid-tight pouches to transport your bottles without breakage or leakage. Each pouch holds a 750 ml bottle.

Check these out these and other great travel accessories on Magellan's website .

Spa and Massage Packages Pick up a small bottle of massage oil or lotion, a back massager, bubble bath and any other fun spa products you'd like to create your own spa for two on the road. You can find these all at virtually any store that sells bath and body products, and they can be a fun and more affordable way to enjoy some romantic time together.