Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive for the couple, their families and those involved in the big event. For this reason, an increasing number of couples are opting for a non-traditional wedding. Some prefer a true or semi-elopement (with just a few close family members and friends) while others invite a larger group to travel with them and share their special day. By using a travel planner and on-site wedding coordinator to assist with their destination weddings, couples free themselves from much of the stress that comes with coordinating and organizing the small details. Travel planners and wedding coordinators can also help with necessary documents, marriage requirements, invitations/travel packages and travel arrangements for all wedding guests. This allows the couples the time and energy to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the event. For everything you ever wanted to know about destination weddings, semi-elopements and elopements, visit our partner, Let's Elope

For those couples planning a traditional wedding, it can often get overwhelming. A honeymoon should be and exciting part of the experience, not something that adds additional stress to the months and weeks before the wedding. By working with a professional honeymoon planner, such as Chimera Travel, couples are relieved of handling all of the details involved with travel arrangements. Their honeymoon planner can help them decide on their ideal destination, choose the best accommodations, book specific activities and offer romance or honeymoon packages, which often include extras like a free bottle of wine, complimentary dinner or a spa treatment.