Asian Destinations

The continent of Asia offers wonderfully diverse opportunities for sightseeing, history, culture, food, music, adventure, relaxation and natural beauty. Unwind on the paradise-like beaches of southern Thailand, walk the Great Wall of China, explore Cambodia's Angkor Wat, visit aw-inspiring Buddhist Temples, take an Elephant safari or bargain your way through the markets and bazaars for some of the most affordable shopping in the world. The most visited Asian destinations (by Americans) include mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Bali and India. Countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Nepal and Tibet are becoming increasingly popular. Singapore is a known for its business centers, education and medical tourism and is often combined with other countries for leisure travel. South Korea is often overlooked by American travelers, which is unfortunate. Its capital, Seoul, is lively and unique and its proximity to Japan makes it an easy add-on. To learn more about these countries, visit our destination pages, or contact us to start planning your vacation to Asia.