The Many Ways to Say I Love You

December through February are undoubtedly the most romantic months of the year for many people - winter holidays, New Years Eve and Valentines Day are filled with engagements, weddings and just letting others know how much we love them. Here in the United States, a simple "I love you" from someone special is one of the most welcoming sounds we can hear. So how is it said around the world?

Italian: Ti amo

French: Je t'aime

Spanish: Te quiero, Te amo

German: Ich liebe dich

Greek: S'agapo

Portugese: Eu te amo

Russian: Ya tibieh lublue.

Korean: Tangsinul Sarang

Mandarin Chinese: Wo ai ni

Swahili: Ninapenda wewe

Arabic (formal): Ooheboki (male to female), Ooheboka (female to male)

Now, no matter where in the world you are, you can tell your loved ones how you feel! In languages that do not use Latin characters, different sources list a variety of English spellings, but the spellings listed above were the most commonly found.