Independent International Travel

How would you like to immerse yourself in a culinary experience in Tuscany? Or what about a tour of the stunning castles in Germany, Ireland or Scotland? Perhaps your ideal vacation is a South African Safari or a month-long journey through Australia and New Zealand. These are just a few examples of the types of customized vacations that travelers can take. Since each detail of the trip is customized to the traveler's needs, preferences and interests, the possibilities for independent international travel are virtually unlimited. It's important to note that independent travel is not restricted to single travelers or couples - customized trips can be created for families, small groups or even large groups (for instance, family reunions or destination weddings). In addition, travelers do not need to have a specific destination in mind to plan a customized vacation. Just let us know the details that you are looking for in your destination and we will work with you to create your ideal vacation.