Venice Other Islands

Venice itself is the most popular of the islands. However, the smaller surrounding islands can be interesting to visit as well. The islands are generally seen on a day trip and can be reached by boats that leave from the dock near St. Mark's Square.

  • Murano - Famous for Murano glass, the Glass Museum is the main attraction on Murano.
  • Burano - Considered one of the prettiest islands of Venice, Burano is famous for it's lace and brightly painted houses. It is also a popular spot for fishermen.
  • Lido - Home to Venice's beach resorts. It is also the only island in Venice that allows cars and mopeds, and contains Venice's only golf course.
  • Torcello - A quieter island perfect for a respite from the excitement of Venice, visitors will find several churches, fantastic mosaics and relaxing outdoor cafes to enjoy.