Venice Facts & Tips

  • Venice's Carnevale is truly extraordinary. The trademark masks are seen virtually everywhere, both adorned by residents and hanging on the walls throughout the city. Carnevale starts two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on "Fat Tuesday", or Mardi Gras. If you are planning to travel to Venice during Carnevale make sure to book well in advance - accommodations fill up early and quickly.
  • While gondola rides are a famous symbol of Venice, they are often over-priced and not nearly as romantic as they seem in the movies. For something more authentic and equally as romantic, watch the sunrise (or sunset) on the Realto Bridge. Sunrise is best, as the vendors have not yet set up and you'll probably have the bridge to yourselves.
  • If you arrive via train, you may need a water taxi to take you to your hotel. Negotiate your price and don't settle for more than you are willing to pay. Try to get it for under 50 Euro (this may vary depending on the exhcange rate).
  • During the late fall and winter, Venice floods. Elevated walkways are put up, in the main areas, but not all areas, so pack your rain boots if you have them! Venice's airport is on a separate island and there is a water transport that travels between the airport and St. Mark's Square.