The Old Town

From the Peninsula, cross one of the many bridges over the Rhone River to reach the Old Town. As the name suggests, this is the original center city of Lyon. Looking down over the Old Town, on the top of a very steep hill, is Lyon's Notre Dame. Though not as immense as it's more popular namesake, it is still worth the trip to the top of the hill, if for the view alone. Stand at the back of the cathedral and you can look out over virtually all of Lyon and a clear day, you can see the city's mountain backdrop. The church itself is also worth a walk through. Around the corner from the church are two old Roman amphitheaters which have been excavated, and a museum which depicts the Roman influence on the city over the course of its history. There are two ways to reach the top of the hill where all of this sits. The more strenuous option is to walk (hike) up through the park. It may not be the easiest route, but it's definitely a bit more scenic. The other option is to take the funicular (tram car) up to the top for a small fee.