Downtown & Business District

Lyon's two rivers - the Rhome and the Saone - divide the city into three districts. The business district is the newest and, though it does have a corporate "downtown" area, it also offers plenty else for visitors. Its main attraction is a beautiful park, complete with a lake, running/biking paths, botanical gardens and a zoo. On a weekend day or after work you could wander along the walking paths and see family football (soccer) games, couples picnicking, students studying, bikers, joggers, rollerbladers and just about every other outdoor activity one can imagine. Adjacent to the park lies the expo/conference center which is actually quite a nice complex. In addition to the business portion, it holds a number of hotels, cafes and a variety of restaurants including a tasty Italian eatery, Mexican tapas and several other options for French and International cuisine. The other attraction worth noting in the business district is the Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bucose. (Named for the Lyon's famous chef who frequents the Halles himself). This market includes 56 food and craft vendors with fresh cheeses, meats, produce and more. They are open Tuesday through Sunday, though close mid-day between 12 and 3. With Lyon's long history of gastronomical excellence, Les Halles are a worthy stop for visitors.