The Neighborhoods of Seoul

Exploring the city's many neighborhoods is a great way to get acquainted with Seoul. For shopping and dining, visit the Itaewan and Myeong -dong areas. Myeong-dong is very trendy, with modern shops and restaurants, especially popular with young adults. Itaewan is an eclectic and international area, where visitors can find cuisines ranging from traditional Korean to Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Egyptian, French, Italian, Mexican, Western/American and the list goes on. Korea is known for antiques, and Itaewan is one of the best places in Seoul to find them. For a true taste of Korean culture, visit the Insadong neighborhood. The streets of Insadong are filled with Korean restaurants, tea houses and shops selling traditional Korean items. This is the one section of the city where English is tough to come by. Almost all signs and menus are in Korean only and very few people speak English. While this might seem like a hindrance, it really gives tourists the flavor of every day Korean life and allows them to feel immersed in the culture.