What To See & Do

Ljubljana is a smaller city, so can easily be seen in a couple of days. It is not overloaded with "must see" attractions, which gives visitors the chance to wander and take in the unique feel and flavor of the city. During the week, don't miss the markets, at which vendors sell everything from fruits and vegetables to handbags, sweaters, and hats. Unlike many markets, these are quite clean and well kept, and vendors take special care in setting up and portraying their goods each morning. Across from these vendors is an indoor market - designed in the style of the markets in the original Roman forum - which contain butcher shops, bakeries, cheese shops, gelaterias and more. On Sunday mornings, a local flea market takes place along the water, where residents display their furniture, books, knickknacks and other items for sale. Slovenian fare is good and hearty (for a warm drink on a cool evening, try some grog), and restaurants offer a combination of unique, local dishes as well as some more common staples for less adventurous diners. On either side of the river, restaurants and shops line the street and locals and tourists alike enjoy their roasted chestnuts, sold by vendors throughout the city (yes, it is safe to eat from these vendors!). In the winter, the many outdoor cafes provide heaters so that guests can dine outside and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this lively city while staying warm. For an amazing view of the city, check out the castle on the hill overlooking Ljubljana. The grounds are a bit touristy, but the view from the topper of the tower is worth the trip. The city also provides relatively inexpensive tours which give visitors a great introduction to the city, its sites and its history as well as a unique look at the city from the Ljubljanica River. Other sites and attractions include the beautiful St. Nicholas church, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Slovenia, the famous Dragon Bridge (the Dragon is the symbol of Slovenia) and the Slovenian Phil Harmonic, deemed one of the best in the world.