To See & Do

Stroll along the waterfront with its colorful gardens and old ports. From here, head into the heart of the old town, filled with unique architecture, public squares and parks. Montreal is home to many museums, including the Science Center, the Museum of Archeology and History and the Montreal Holocost Museum. Notre Dame Basilica is a magnificent church and one of Montreal's most famous sites. Wander through St.-Amble ("Artist's Row) and St.-Vincent streets, which are closed to traffic to allow artists and crafters to show their work. For the trendy scene, stroll down Saint-Denis Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard lined with modern shops, boutiques and restaurants. Take a walk, hike or bike ride through Parc Mont-Blanc. It's quite large, so it's good to have a park map with you if possible. Indulge in a crepe. Montreal is famous for it's Creperies and they do not disappoint. Creperies can be found just about anywhere in the city, though some of the most popular are in the old town. Walk through the grounds of McGil University. The campus, while not exceptionally large, is very pretty and worth a visit. Other attractions include the Olympic Stadium, Biodome de Montreal, Centuar Theatre Company, Complexe Dejardins - a complex which houses shops, restaurants, a hotel and a large public square.