Montreal Facts & Tips

U.S. citizens now need a passport to enter Canada, so make sure to bring yours weather you are entering by air, land or sea (there may be ways to get around this on land, but your passport is the best and easiest way). Because of Canada's affiliation with both France and England, they observe some holidays which we may not expect, including Victoria Day (the Monday preceding May 25th) and St. Jean-Baptiste day (June 24th). Canadian-exclusive holidays include Canada Day on July 1st and Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Business and attractions may be closed on these days, so the holidays should be taken into consideration when planning your itinerary. Canada is officially bilingual (English and French) and most Canadians, even in the French province of Quebec, speak English. In Montreal 20 percent of the residents speak English as their first language. If you are looking for good nightlife in Canada, Montreal is the right spot. Bars have their "last call" just before 3 AM, but often stay open later. All restaurants, bars, clubs and casinos in Montreal are officially smoke free and smoking has been banned in some public places as well. Taxes in Montreal can add up. The country has a six percent federal tax, Quebec province has an additional 7.5 percent tax and Montreal has a three percent accommodation tax.