Montreal, Quebec

Within Canada, the province of Quebec is unique for its strong French influences and European feel. At the heart of the province lies Montreal. The city blends its European ancestry with its own Canadian flair, creating an atmosphere that's friendly, lively, rich in culture and aesthetically pleasing. The city is divided into two sections - the old town, which lies near the waterfront. Visitors and walk, jog or bike along the promenade, enjoy Montreal's version of Notre Dame Basilica or wander the cobblestone streets through boutique shops, eateries and of course, creperies. The newer part of town is the Saint-Laurent section with rows of shops, bars and restaurants. While the old town has a more quaint and quiet feel, the new town is lively and energetic, often hosting festivals and celebrations. McGil University and Parc Mont-Royal are also worth a visit. The University sits on very pretty grounds and is a nice place to wander through for a change of scenery from the faster pace of Saint-Laurent. Walking and biking trails wind through the trees of Parc Mont-Royal while arboretums provide plenty of space for picnics and family activities.