KL Markets & Bazaars

Malaysia is also a great place to shop, especially westerners. KL offers a variety of malls and shopping areas, but the best deals are found in China Town. One of the most interesting and challenging experiences in Asia is bargaining. Goods, especially from marketplaces and street vendors, are rarely (if ever) advertised for a fair price. It is expected that the buyer will "haggle" with the vendor to reduce the price. Never pay more than one-half the asking price in a market, and often you can get a much better deal even than that. An effective bargaining tip is to work in groups - the more you are willing to purchase at one time, the lower the vendor will go with the price, so by getting a group of people to purchase from the same vendor, you will get a much lower price. If the merchant will not agree to your suggested price, simply walk away - quite often they will quickly call you back and accept your offer. One important rule to remember when bargaining, however, is that once you name a price that the seller agrees, you must honor your commitment to buy at that price.