Culinary Toronto

Toronto is a city of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. It is a very health conscious city, so there are a large number of restaurants which focus on vegetarian, vegan and overall healthy cuisine. With a wide variety in cuisine, you can enjoy everything from a traditional Italian meal to Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican and just about any other type of international cuisine that might interest you. There are also a large variety of brew pubs for those looking for some good drinks and hearty fare. A few recommendations include:

The Beer Bistro, which has a beer list that outdoes many fancy wine lists and a somewhat unique menu of traditional food with a twist.

Mill Street Brew Pub in the Distillery District has a great assortment of beers brewed on site, as well as an extensive food menu. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the food and drink are high quality and it is just an overall good time.

Commensal - This vegetarian/vegan buffet allows you to pay per pound and is worth every penny. While not inexpensive, the vegetarian/vegan options make up for the somewhat unexpected price tag.