Costa Ricas Beaches

Costa Rica's east and west coast combine for 762 miles of coastline! Beaches on the Caribbean side are lined by palm trees and backed by rainforests, in which monkeys, lizards and various species of birds reside. On the Pacific coast, the northernmost beaches of Guanacaste provide everything from secluded coves to popular resorts. As you move slightly further down the coast, the beaches get less populated, though are a favorite among surfers. Once you hit the central Pacific coast, Punta Leona and Manual Antonia provide amazing scenery as well as the opportunity for a wide variety of activities. Manual Antonio National Park is a mix of beaches, rainforests and reefs. There are also plenty of opportunities for horseback riding, white water rafting, kayaking, snorkeling and other adventures outside of the park. The southernmost parts of the Pacific coast, while more rugged and unexplored, are equally as beautiful. With much of the region consisting of protected reserves, it tends to be a little trickier to explore but also less touristy, making it great for those travelers seeking beaches and natural beauty "off the beaten path."