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Navigating Vacation Options
August 26th, 2011

One of the benefits of working with a travel planner is the help we can provide navigating the various travel options. Once you decide on a destination, you have to decide on the type of trip. Do you want a guided group tour, a partially hosted tour, a private tour, or a completely independent trip. Of course there are the options of cruises and all-inclusive resort packages in some destinations as well. royal blue and ox red fjallraven kanken backpack mini So how do you decide what option works for you? Here are a few guidelines to help you narrow down your list. cover custodia case iphone 11 R1780 bts wallpaper 10gA7 Cruises: First off, some destinations are more popular with cruise routes than others. If you are heading to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, for instance, you’ll find plenty of cruise itineraries. coque huawei If you are looking at countries that are more landlocked, you’ll have to look at river or barge cruising if you really are intent on visiting the country by boat. Camisetas Futboles hombres coque iphone 7 8 se2020 Cruises are a great way to see snippets of a destination and get a feel for it. However, if you want to get to know a destination in depth, cruising might not be the best way to go. All-Inclusive resorts: Similar to cruising, your options for these are limited by availability. They are great for short vacations where you simply aim to enjoy “getting away” and feel a bit pampered by the amenities at the resort. coque huawei godzilla 2019 custodia iphone x tyui4676 Again, if you’re looking for deep exploration of a destination, this might not be the ideal option, since the all-inclusive nature tends to keep people at the resort much of the time (and why not, virtually everything is included!). Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max naruto sasuke Z3642 Case It’s important to note, though, that the all-inclusive concept is spreading from the beach front to other types of vacations. Safari lodges, for instance, are starting to create packages which include accommodations, food/drink and daily safari activities. coque samsung coque samsung nike blazer donna Guided tours: If you’re new to traveling or an apprehensive traveler, or simply want to travel with a larger group, guided tours can be a good option. coque huawei The itinerary is spelled out well in advance, so you know exactly what you’ll be doing and when. black fjallraven kanken backpack mini In addition, guided tours often include tickets to museums and attractions that you could otherwise have a difficult time getting or have to wait in line to obtain. coque4iphone fjallraven kanken big sale The downside is the lack of flexibility. coque iphone Finding a tour that hits all of the attractions and destinations that you want to see is key. While every minute isn’t planned, much of the time is and if you want to experience something “off the beaten path”, you may not have the chance. Partially hosted tours: These tours are somewhere between a guided tour and an independent trip. They offer more flexibility than a guided group tour, but some aspects are pre-set. For instance, the tour might include particular accommodations (or a choice of “standard” and “deluxe”, with one option for each), transportation to the next destination and a half day tour when you arrive in each new city. camisaspanish Apart from this, though, you’ll have more time at each destination to explore on your own. This allows you the security of knowing your accommodations and transportation are set, while giving you the option to see sights that wouldn’t be on a traditional guided tour. colletiongoodsbuy Private tours – These allow you to create your own itinerary completely. The tour guide works with just your party, accommodating your requests and preferences. While you might have to retain some structure (i.e. coque samsung galaxy s20 if you planned a particular activity for the day, you may not be able to just switch it that morning), but basically you aren’t bound by too many restrictions. You also get the expertise of a guide, which you wouldn’t have if exploring completely on your own. Maglie Calcio Nazionale coque huawei coque iphone ino custodia iphone x tyui4950 cover iphone 11 swain The downside is that this private service and expertise come at a price, and that price is usually rather expensive. On top of the tour price, remember that you’ll be expected to tip the guide. coque iphone 6 6s plus fjallraven kanken big Also, private tours don’t may not include items such attraction/museum tickets, so these may also be a price add on. Fully Independent Travel – In the travel industry, these are called FITs. avengers comics custodia iphone x tyui13642 As indicated by the name, travelers take a FIT are completely on their own. blastoise custodia iphone x tyui930 This provides them the opportunity to explore with complete flexibility, other than the pre-reserved hotels and transportation, and even have been chosen by the travelers. sleeping dog custodia iphone x tyui8354 FITs can include half day or full day tours one at a destination (say to a museum or attraction) but these too are determined by the traveler and can be booked in advance or while in the destination, depending upon the activity. fjallraven kanken mini backpack ox red royal blue custodia per iphone 5 s 525sks cover custodia case iphone 11 P9125 super smash bros ultimate wallpaper 62zP7 While these are a great option for many, FITs may not be ideal for apprehensive or first time travelers who are nervous about guiding themselves. Air Max 1 Outlet cover custodia case iphone 11 M7938 wallpaper aesthetic 70tP4 Generally, FITs are good for those who like to wander and explore and who enjoy being a bit impromptu once in a destination.

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