The Swiss Riviera

You are strolling along a quiet waterfront, colorful tulip gardens lining the walkway on either side, the sun glistening off a serene lake to your left and snow capped mountains creating a mystical backdrop. Sound too picturesque to be true? It's not. It is Montreux, Switzerland, the gem of the Swiss Riviera, within an hour by train of the business center of Geneva and not to be missed. Montreux is possibly most famous for its Jazz, and in particular it's Jazz Festival which is held for approximately two weeks in July each year. Close to Montreux is Chillon Castle, which inspired Lord Byron's Prisoner of Chillon. From Montreux , you can also take the Chocolate Train, which stops in Gruyere, the home of the cheese by the same name, and Broc, where they make Nestle Chocolate. Lausanne, only 40 miles from Geneva, is a worthy stop en route to Montreux. It has a rich architectural and artistic heritage and is also the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. Morges is the Rivera's city of flowers and promenades. A perfect view of Mont Blanc (on a clear day) makes this quaint city a perfect stop for a relaxing morning walk through the beautiful landscape or a cruise on Lake Geneva. There are many towns on the Riviera with unbelievable scenery and location. These are just a few of the more notable options. The region is a year round destination, close to the mountains for winter sports and on the lake for warm weather activities.