New York City

New York City is truly one of the most exciting cities in the world and yet many Americans have never been. One of the city's best features is its variety and diversity. Midtown Manhattan offers much of New York's iconic attractions-Times Square, Broadway Musicals, Rockefeller Center's Ice Skating Rink, Radio City Music Hall, to name a few. But there is much more to New York than just the traditional tourist sites. Visitors could easily spend a week just eating and shopping and never visit a place twice! Midtown Manhattan is home to the more popular and traditional restaurants and shops, especially along Broadway, Restaurant Row and 5th Avenue. Grand Central Station provides a more unique atmosphere for shopping and eating and is worth a visit as well. For more ethnic food, head to Little Italy or China Town, where the aromas from the restaurants fill the streets. For restaurants and pubs with a more avant-garde flair, take the subway to Greenwich Village or Soho where streets are lined eateries, pubs, bakeries and boutique shops full of character.