Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls National Park boasts some of the most picturesque waterfalls you will ever whiteness. Surrounded by an abundance of diverse flora and fauna, the falls are some of tallest in the world. Three trails, all quite walk-able, allow visitors to explore the falls from virtually every angle. On the Lower Circuit, visitors stand in awe at the breathtaking waterfalls cascading above them. From this route a boat runs to Saint Martin Island where you can sit on the beach or take a more challenging hike to the top of the island for some incredible birds-eye views. The Upper Circuit includes a train ride through the park and takes passengers to Iguazu's most famous falls, Devil's throat. A third, more "natural", trail takes you back through the interior of the park to a pristine waterfall and natural pool. This third route is by far the least "touristy" and attracts a greater amount of area wildlife - be sure to look out for monkeys, lizards, and other creatures along the way!