Iguazu Facts & Tips

Though you may see Iguazu spelled several ways, they all refer to the same place. Other variations include Iguacu and Iguassu. There is not really a "best" time to visit, though January and February are the most popular, as it is summer in Iguazu. If you want to avoid crowds, you should also avoid Easter time. It's somewhat of a tradition for Argentineans and Brazilians to visit at Easter time. The Iguazu River flows approximately 1,320km and is ranges from 500m to 1000m wide. Within Iguazu National Park, there are 450 types of birds, 80 types of mammals (including endangered species of jaguar and ocelot) and over 2000 species of flora. The falls originated 200,000 years ago where the Parana and Iguazu Rivers meet. Today, you can see between 160 and 260 falls depending on water level, the tallest being Devil's Throat at 80 meters high.