Dublin is the gateway to Ireland for many visitors. It's most famous sites include St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College and the book of Kells and of course, the Guinness Brewery (which is worth the tour for the view from the sky bar at the top of the brewery and the free pint of Guinness at the end). Other places well worth visiting include:

  • St. Stephen's Green - a Victorian park (Dublin's most popular) that spans 9 hectares
  • Moore Street - where Dublin's street vendors create a lively atmoshphere.
  • Oscar Wilde House - Once the residence of the Wilde family, it now holds classes for students at American College Dublin. While closed to the public, it's worth a walk by and a picture for its past significance.
  • Ha'penny Bridge - Dublin's oldest bridge crosses the River Liffy and gets its name (actually a nickname) from the halfpenny toll which used to be required to cross.
  • Temple Bar - this section of Dublin (not an actual bar) along the River Liffy is characterized by cobblestones streets and over fifty arts and cultural centers. It is the site of many outdoor activities, open air performances and several Saturday markets.