Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Because of its natural beauty, Thailand is becoming a popular spot for couples desiring more exotic destination weddings and honeymoons. It is relatively easy to get married in Thailand, making it even more attractive for couples wanting a unique wedding location. Couples planning to marry in Thailand should plan to stay for at least a week, as they will need to visit their embassy and obtain the required documents, as Thailand does not recognize public notaries. Couples may also be required to visit the district office where the wedding will take place, to register the event, though many hotels and wedding planners will include this as part of their package. Most couples choose to marry or honeymoon in the southern islands. Chiang Mai is a slowly gaining popularity as an alternative wedding and honeymoon spot, for those looking for an alternative to the beach. Honeymooners may opt to combine several destinations in Thailand, spending part of the time relaxing on the southern beaches and part of the time exploring the cultural centers up north.