Day Trips & Excursions

Some of the most popular day trips and excursions from Rome include:

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius -Pompeii has basically stood still since a massive eruption of Mt. Vesuvius covered its city and its people. Much of the town has been excavated and visitors can now see the way it stood before this horrific incident. Combine Pompeii with a visit to Mt. Vesuvius, where you can drive up part of the way and walk the rest. On a clear day, the view is amazing.

The Amalfi Coast - enjoy the laid back ambience of these colorful towns along the water. Among the most frequently visited are Sorrento, the Isle of Capri, Amalfi and Positano. Visit our Positano destination page for more details on the coast.

Naples - known for being one of Italy's grittier cities, it is probably most famous for its bay and its food (considered by many to have the best pizza in Italy). People tend to either love or dislike Naples, but its worth a stop, even if en route to another destination.