Belgium is nestled right in the heart of Europe, surrounded by some of the continent's most popular tourist destinations including France, Germany and Netherlands. It is charming, lively, historic country, a modern political center (the Capital of the European Union) and yet just outside the city of Belgium lay quaint towns and green farmland.

A country that is probably most famous for its chocolate, waffles, frittes and white beer, Belgium's lack of traditional tourist attractions allows visitors to take explore at a slower pace. Still, despite the lack of traditional landmarks, there is plenty to do, see, take in and enjoy. Brussels' duel personality of a modern business centers and cobblestone pedestrian streets give travelers plenty to explore. The charming canals of Bruges, quaint university town of Leuvin make ideal day trips. Belgium is also two to three hours by train from Paris, London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg, making it an easy and worth while stop on many European itineraries.