Yoga Bike Tour – My Active Challenge
October 27th, 2010

Several weeks ago (sorry!) my post invited my readers to create an active travel challenge of their choosing. In that post I also promised to practice what I preach, therefore taking on my own active travel challenge.

I pointed out in the challenge request that it didn’t have to be a trip you could actually take (though of course that would be ideal for several reasons), it just had to be one you’d like to take and train for. The point was to give yourself an activity and training goal, with the idea that training for an active vacation was a better way to motivate yourself than training just to burn calories or improve muscle tone or a number of other traditional exercise goals.

It took me a while to find an active vacation that I wanted to train for – not because I couldn’t find one, but because there are so many options that piqued my interest. I wanted something that was both realistic and that felt like “me” –  activities that I enjoy and would like to incorporate into a longer training regimen.

After much searching, I found DuVine Adventure’s Yoga Bike Tour through Provence. This tour is ideal for me for a number of reasons. First, I have been aching to get to Provence and back to France in general. Secondly, I love to bike. I actually bought a “real” bike two summers ago along with the appropriate biking gear and have enjoyed it immensely – at least when I’m not getting my foot stuck in the pedal cages and crashing into something, which happens periodically. Finally, the yoga portion. I used to be very dedicated to my yoga regimen – two to three days per week, various forms and times of day to make sure I was maximizing it’s benefits. Then, about a year and a half ago, I somehow just got out of the routine and let’s just say it’s been a long time since I’ve attentively done yoga. I need to get back for all sorts of reasons and I know this. Truly, this itinerary is the perfect combination and meets all of the determining factors for choosing my active travel challenge.

There are so far two 2011 dates listed, so I’m aiming for the August 21 – 26 tour. In all honesty, I may or may not get on this trip. My work load and wallet tend to dictate my travel opportunities, so while I would love to go, I am going to have to wait to see if the actual trip is feasible. Still, I’m going to train like it is. The descriptions says that the biking portion covers about 120 miles with an average of just over 20 miles per day. I can do this, or at least I’m rather confident that I can. I’ve ridden a max of 44 miles per day, though I’ll admit that one of the times I did this I’d gotten lost and didn’t have much choice in the matter. I couldn’t hop on my bike and knock out this 120 miles right now, but I can train for it, and I’m excited to do just that. This makes it the ideal challenge. The yoga portion I will simply have to re-dedicate myself to. I can also do this.

So there you have it- my active travel challenge. What is yours? Need some help training? I’m offering a free training consultation to get everyone started, so please  contact me. I promise, it’s truly free. I’m excited to train along side my readers, even if for different challenges and I look forward to writing about mine and hearing about yours as we move forward.

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