If you were to take an active vacation, what type would you take?

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Giving Thanks for Travel
September 24th, 2010

This holiday season, much travel talk revolves around the TSA guidelines, body scanners, extensive pat downs and the like (at least in the U.S.). coque huawei Even without this, travel around the holidays is usually viewed as a pain, something to “get through”. bague argent I don’t blame travelers. asics officiel fjallraven rucksack no 21 […]


Mind-Body-Travel Connection
September 23rd, 2010

Have you noticed lately that more and more people desperately need a vacation? Have you also noticed that lately the number of complaints and frustrations with traveling seem to be at an all-time high? It’s amazing how something that’s supposed to be so relaxing can be prove more stressful than a day at the office. […]


Photo of the Day – Seoul Dog
September 21st, 2010

This adorable dog was hanging out by the lift to get to the Seoul Tower in Seoul, nike sneakers en ligne chopper coque iphone 11 one piece brick fjallraven kanken backpack big harry potter art custodia iphone x tyui13643 cover custodia case iphone 11 N8891 wallpaper avengers endgame 72bO2 South Korea. nike sneakers en ligne […]


Africa’s Largest Island
September 18th, 2010

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island, located in the Indian Ocean approximately 500 kilometers from Mozambique. magasin nike coque iphone se stitch disney This African nation carries a bit of a mystique, perhaps due to its location and incredible wildlife, many species which are indigenous to the island. If you’ve seen images of Madagascar […]


New Discoveries in a Familiar City
September 17th, 2010

Having grown up near Philadelphia (and now living there), New York City is not a new destination for me. Each time I go up, though, I discover something new – some because they actually have just been unveiled and some because of I’ve simply never experienced them before. I recently spent an overnight in mid-town […]


Travel Memories – San Telmo, Buenos Areas
September 6th, 2010

Buenos Aires is famous for it’s eclectic neighborhoods, coque telephone amour xr stitch Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max fortnite season 9 Z4797 Case or barios. coque samsung galaxy s20 ultra fjallraven kanken mini backpack lake blue zen buddhism custodia iphone x tyui14976 cover custodia case iphone 11 G7020 cross ange wallpaper 12bM1 bijoux bracelets […]


Cleaning the Bathtub – An Active Travel Challenge
September 6th, 2010

What do the two have in common? Well, pretty much nothing, minus the fact that they both require energy expenditure. royal blue and ox red fjallraven kanken backpack classic The other day, though, I was looking at my bathtub (actually the tiles on the wall above the tub) and thinking, “I really need to clean […]


Forgotten Natural (and other) Disasters
September 6th, 2010

I don’t usually include event promotions in my blog. fjallraven kanken mini backpack un blue navy Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Attack on Titan Mikasa Z3546 Case coque huawei However, this is one that I feel ties in very well with the travel community, and just with global awareness as a whole, so I […]


Terrifying Tours
September 28th, 2009

I love a good ghost story. iphone 4s klap cover 816gdf I watch ghost hunters, I read “true” ghost stories (if you’ve not read the Myrtles Plantation and are a ghost story fan, I highly recommend it). cover iphone 11 faucheuse d’ame There is even some legend that the house my parents grew up in […]


Swine Flu Outbreak
September 27th, 2009

As many people are already aware, fjallraven kanken classic backpack plum cover iphone 11 bulle coque huawei there has been an outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico and several cases that have traveled back form Mexico to the US. coque samsung galaxy s10 magasin nike fjallraven kanken classic backpack estate blue custodia iphone 7 xanax […]


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