A Different Type of ShoreTrip
October 22nd, 2009

In my last blog, I spoke about vacation add ons that can really increase the quality of your trip. I focused specifically on private shore excursions and land trips that can be added onto your cruise of independent vacation, as opposed to group options offered by the cruise line or group tour companies. I also promised an interview with a representative of ShoreTrips, a company that provides superior private tour experiences virtually all over the world. This week, I interviewed Susannah Lago of ShoreTrips and here’s what she had to say:

Helicopter Iceland excursion

Helicopter Iceland excursion

Maya: What differentiates ShoreTrips from other shore/land excursion companies?

Susannah: ShoreTrips shore excursions are smaller, more creative and better priced than the cruise lines. Each and every Shoretrip is licensed, insured and chosen personally by us. Ex travel agents, Barry and Julie Karp, owners of ShoreTrips, know what clients want: price, selection and service.

Maya: What is the average experience level of your guides (ie how were they trained, how long have they worked in this destination)?

Susannah: ShoreTrips offers both day activities as well as guided sightseeing, operated by the very best vendors we can find in each port. People who have years of experience. Many of our operators actually used to work for the cruise lines years ago, prior to the cruise lines’ need for super large group movements. Remember, our shore excursions are small.

Maya: What are your 5 most popular or favorite excursions?


1. Caribbean – Cave tubing Belize

2. Caribbean – Our multi-port package… 3 great excursions bundled together for one low price.

3. Alaska – Helicopter Dog Sled Tour

4. Baltic – VISA FREE Multi Day St. Petersburg excursions

5. Mediterranean – Pre Reserved Vatican Tours – eliminates the 2 hour wait in line!

Zip line Roatan

Zip line Roatan

Maya: What are your 5 most unique excursions?


1. Caribbean – Sailboats of St. Thomas – 3 separate ShoreTrips captained by women offer the quintessential Caribbean experience, 6 pax max assure a day of tranquility!

2. Chachobbean Ruins – Costa Maya– where you experience true indigenous culture

3. Alaska – Skagway, Rail and Bus. Our unique approach to the White Pass Rail excursion, where we combined the scenic train trip up, followed by a comfortable and interesting motor vehicle return.

4.  Baltic – BERLIN BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN tour. Operated by East Berlin historians who pepper the day with anecdotes about life in the socialist world.

5. Egypt overnight tour. 2 days of extensive sightseeing with overnight accommodations in deluxe hotels. These tours make the most of your time.

Maya: Can you give us a sneak peak at upcoming destinations or excursions?

Susannah: We’ll be ready with Cuba as soon as it’s legal for US citizens.  We will be prepared to make our travel agents experts in Cuba with our future planning guides and webinars. Cuba will be big and ShoreTrips is dedicated to making the American travel agents fully knowledgeable about this fascinating country. Cross your fingers!

Also on the horizon…. Southeast Asia (Pacific rim)!

XRail buggy tour Cabo San Lucas

XRail buggy tour Cabo San Lucas

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