La Dolce Vita
October 15th, 2009

Everyone deserves a little pampering – especially these days when we’re working harder days and longer hours for less reward. La Dolce Vita Retreats provides the opportunity for just such pampering, and I recently spoke with the owner, Janice Briggs about the retreats and her company.

Can you briefly describe La Dolce Vita Retreats?

In a nutshell, La Dolce Vita Retreats offers women international vacations that combine experiential learning and creative self-expression to enhance one’s mind, body and spirit. These journeys of enrichment take place in exquisite European locales, featuring 5 star hotels, in exclusive, secluded tranquil France, Italy and Spain. Included are gourmet meals, exercise/yoga/pilates classes or hiking activities depending on location; unique sporting and/or spa packages depending on location; art, cooking, nutrition and botany classes depending on location; wine tasting, shopping, museum excursions, and much more.

How did you first come up with the idea for these retreats and why did you choose the specific market of higher end women’s only retreats?

I began developing the idea about 9 years ago when I went on a women’s retreat with Shape Magazine. I basically created what I envisioned to be the perfect retreat that I would want to experience – in a beautiful place, where I could learn new things or re-discover old joys, where someone would take care of me, do all of the planning…make me feel like a princess for a week.

What are some typical activities that travelers partake in on these journeys?

Art classes, cooking classes, perfume class, sailing, wine tasting, museum tours, hiking, yoga, pilates, journaling class, musical concerts, spa treatments

What was your favorite (or one of your favorite) retreats and why?

Portofino because of its incredible beauty, great hiking, sailing activities and the watercolor Creativity Workshop.

In some of our conversations, you’ve mentioned some exciting plans for future retreats. Can you give us a sneak peak?

Mallorca, Spain.

Can travelers add pre and post tours to your trips if they want to further explore the area?

Absolutely. I partner with Chimera Travel for pre-and post tours and airline reservations.

How can interested travelers learn more about your retreats and sign up?

Visit our website at  and/or contact Maya Northen at Chimera Travel. All retreats and corresponding details are listed on our website. Registration forms and Terms & Conditions can be downloaded from the website completed and returned with payment by mail.

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