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To Insure or Not to Insure
August 21st, 2009

As a travel planner I have witnessed debate after debate over whether travel insurance is necessary. nike tn outlet navy and warm yellow fjallraven kanken backpack classic coque iphone Generally, the travel planners and frequent travelers (or those who have needed to use travel insurance in the past) are on the “pro” side, with most others on the “con” side. brick fjallraven kanken backpack big chaussons pokemon I was recently working with several honeymoon couples who were inquired about insurance, and it inspired me to write a blog that might help clear up a bit of the fog that surrounds this issue. nike soldes kingdom hearts 358 2 days custodia iphone x tyui15073 coque samsung coque iphone As a travel planner, I can promise you the reason that we so strongly suggest travel insurance is NOT because we receive a giant commission for selling it – we do not. Cheap NBA Jerseys Sale Online coque iphone coque iphone bracelet homme In fact, no offense to the travel insurance companies, the money I receive for selling insurance would generally not be worth the struggle I have convincing skeptical travelers, were it not so important. custodia rosa iphone 5s 105pmf coque samsung coque samsung I thoroughly enjoy the excitement my clients have about their upcoming trip and do not enjoy the feeling I get when having to discuss the “worst case scenario” with them (and hence the reason for travel insurance). cover iphone x sito ufficiale 253pjf coque samsung And let’s be honest, in addition to dampening their mood, it doesn’t exactly paint the perfect vacation picture that I’d like when trying to close a sale. nike air max fjallraven kanken mini backpack ocean green collier argent Still, it a vital part of what I do to take care of my clients and provide them with the best service I can. benjamins cover iphone 6 445ngi coque iphone coque samsung There is an old saying that goes, and I’m paraphrasing here, “expect the best and plan for the worst”. Cheap 2021 NBA Finals Jersey creare cover personalizzate 391vpm coque iphone coque huawei custodia cover This is exactly what travel insurance does. fjallraven kanken mini backpack air blue collier argent kawaii licorne Weather it’s a family illness that prevents you from traveling all together, lost luggage and the value of all the contents within, or a hurricane that hits your resort a week before the trip, travel insurance can help you recoup your losses for any parts of your trip that were missed or ruined. Nike Cortez Bambino nike dernières custodia cover bijoux bague For those who have been injured or fallen ill while traveling, it has literally been a life saver. coque samsung coque huawei The average cost of insurance for my clients is probably somewhere between $99 and $129 per person. Discounted NBA Jerseys For Sale bracelet homme This is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of dollars you could lose if you don’t insure your trip and the unthinkable happens. Comprar camisetas futbol Online coque huawei fjallraven kanken big backpack ox red coque iphone Though each insurance, and even each trip, might differ in coverage, here is a general list of issues that travel insurance generally covers:

  • Pre-departure trip cancellation
  • Post-departure trip interruption
  • Travel delays
  • Medical evacuation and emergency assistance
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Baggage delay
  • Cancel for any reason up to 100% of trip cost (generally an additional fee)

You insure virtually everything else that you spend a good chunk of change on, with insurance and warranties on everything from cars to electronics, jewelry and furniture. coque samsung Many of them cost less than your vacation, and most aren’t based on such volatile factors (e.g. iphone hoesje your health, mother nature, airports and airlines).

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