Destination Weddings on the Rise
May 13th, 2009

As a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist, I work with a lot of excited brides and grooms. One might think that in a rough economy couples would be scaling back on their wedding and honeymoon travel to save this money for the items such as a home, starting a family or just getting back on their feet when the recession starts to lift. In actuality, I have a trend to the contrary:  an increase in the number of couples planning on a destination wedding. 

Whether couples prefer an intimate ceremony on a secluded island or choose to take their guests with them for the big event, it seems clear that couples are looking to take their wedding on the road (plane, train, boat).  The destination wedding market has grown by $10 billion since 2001 and is expected to increase another $3 billion this year. So why do are destination weddings so appealing?

  • Less work  and stress: Many resorts and accommodations employs their own wedding coordinator who can take care of most of the arrangements for the event.  A travel planner can arrange all of the travel for the couple and their guests, leaving the bride and groom much less to do and more time to actually enjoy the upcoming events. 
  • More intimate affairs: most couples do not expect 200 people at a destination wedding. By not staying close to home, they can tactfully limit the guest list to those very close to them (or to no one at all) and avoid much of the stress involved in trying to make a large number of people happy
  • More time to enjoy loved ones:  destination weddings often double as a vacation for the guests. This gives the bride and groom more than just a few busy hours at the reception to spend time with those closest to them and gives the guest an exciting and generally not too expensive vacation with a special purpose. 
  • Cost: believe it or not, most destination weddings costs much less than a traditional wedding. With fewer guests, reception costs are cut by a good deal and many locations have wedding packages which help to save on expenses. 
  • A truly unforgettable event: be honest, how well do you remember the flowers at your cousins wedding or the DJ at your neighbor’s reception? Probably not very well. If they had gotten married on a tropical island at sunset, at a Vineyard in Napa or on a mountain peak in Europe, it would be virtually impossible to for the wedding to escape your memory. 

For more information on planning a destination wedding, country requirements and destination ideas, visit the Destination Weddings & Honeymoons link on our Services page.  

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