My Top 10 List
April 26th, 2009

When I tell people that I work in the travel industry, I almost always receive one of three responses (if not all three): 1.What are the “hot” destinations right now? 2. What is (are) your favorite destination(s)? 3. bijoux bague What’s on your list of places to go (presumably for the first time)? While I’m not sure if people are truly interested or just making polite conversation, I like to be optimistic and choose to believe the former, so I thought I’d try to provide some answers. iphone hoesje coque huawei For all those earnestly interested, it might even spark some future vacation ideas or inspire them to consider that trip they were going to procrastinate in planning! The first question is ever changing and depends on the specific clientele that a travel planner targets, so I will pass on that one for now and will start with question two. chaussons pokemon In an effort to keep this blog somewhat short, I’ll make it two-part. iphone hoesje It was tough to narrow down my favorite spots, but I’ve done it! Listed in no particular order (because it often depends on my mood and my memory of my experience there) here they are with a very brief description of why I’ve chosen them. Please note that this is a personal list. coque samsung I feel that as each traveler has different preferences, interests, budget and frame of reference, it’s virtually impossible to write an all encompassing “Best Destinations” list. coque iphone Since these are my personal favorites and based on my experiences, it contains a mixture of countries, regions and cities. coque samsung coque samsung Basically, if I had to go back to just 10 places I’ve visited, where would I go? 1. The South Island of New Zealand – for virtually all that it is… it’s brilliantly lush landscape, opportunity for adventure and quite possibly the friendliest people I have met anywhere in the world. bague argent 2. Paris – I love the overall feel it exudes, its liveliness, history, culture, outdoor spaces, food and wine all rolled into one city. I know some have had negative experiences here. I had a wonderful one! 3. Cape Town – the harbor, old town, table mountain, surrounding wine country and wildlife (how can you not love a place where zebras and antelope roam the hills alongside the highway?) 4. Thailand – again, virtually everything. The landscape, people, food, history, temples, floating market and the list goes on. I have been to central Thailand, though you’ll likely see other regions pop up on part two of this list. 5. Argentina – Buenos Aires, Iguazua Falls, Mendoza. bracelet homme coque huawei bague femme In other words, eclectic cultural city, majestic nature, seemingly endless vineyards against a mountain backdrop. 6. coque huawei coque samsung Positano, Italy – its sereneness and simplicity, the hotels and homes built into the side of the cliff and of course, the view! 7. Vienna – I fell in love with the pedestrian street lined with cafes, shops, restaurants, beer gardens and phenomenal architecture. coque samsung 8. Bora Bora – picture the ultimate tropical paradise. That’s Bora Bora. 9. Venice – the city of canals, it’s perhaps the most unique city I have ever visited. People tend to either love or hate venice, and I happen to love it. 10. coque samsung Chobe Game Park, Botswana – because you can walk out of your hotel room onto a lush field with warthogs and antelope grazing, watch the ears of an elephant brush your jeep or observe two lionesses wrestling on the river bank. coque iphone There you have it. As I am constantly traveling, this is a working list. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to even include two of these options, as I just returned from Africa at the end of March. coque samsung Have a top 10 list you’d like to share? I’d love to see it! As a travel professional, first hand destination accounts are the next best thing to being there. Since I can’t travel to every possible destination (or at least not yet!) My eyes and ears are always open to learning more about those places I haven’t yet visited…

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