Vacation Without a Plan?
April 24th, 2009

You have a most likely financial plan. You may have a workout and diet plan. You probably have a plan for many other aspects of your life. Yet when it comes to vacations, people are happy to spend several thousand dollars on a last minute “deal” and hope it will all work out. As a travel planner, this continues to amaze me. Sure, unexpected travel come up, and you have to get a quick Southwest flight and a night in the hotel last minute. For the most part though, vacations are something we know that we want to take. coque samsung Many people who plan to travel have a “bucket list” of destinations they’d like to visit and if you’ve ever read an article or book on how to achieve your goals, you most likely recall that writing them down is a major step toward achieving them. So why do people continue to run after their travel dreams blindly? Copa Cabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro Putting together a travel plan is quite easy and in the end, creates less work for the traveler. Here’s how it works: 1. coque huawei Contact your travel planner and let them know you are interested in a travel plan. Though five or ten year plans are the most common, any time period works. 2. Tshirt pokemon Meet with your planner in to discuss the destinations you’d like to visit over this time period. If you do not have specific destinations in mind, that is ok! Let them know the types of trips you’d be interested in – i.e. adventure vacations, romantic getaways, etc – and they can help you narrow down the possibilities. 3. Prioritize these trips and discuss how often you’d like to travel and the times of year that would be best for travel (this may in part be determined by the destinations). 4. From here your travel planner will put together a travel plan which spans the chosen time – five or ten years for instance – and when you plan to travel to each destination on your list. coque iphone Of course this is not set in stone; it simply helps organize your travel plans. coque iphone 5. Here’s the best part – once the plan is written your travel planner handles everything. Within a year of each trip, she or he will contact you to begin the detailed trip planning. coque samsung In addition, if “can’t miss” promotions for a destination on your plan come up, you will be contacted with the option to take advantage of this opportunity and rearrange your plan as needed. Vesuvius Basically, a travel plan does the same as a financial or any other plan – we industry professionals keep track of your plan and proactively do the work so you don’t have to! At Chimera Travel, we are currently offering free five or ten year plans! To begin, contact us by email or phone at 856-266-8898.

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