Travel Myths – Fact or Fiction
April 22nd, 2009

Travel Myth – Fact or Fiction

Travel has changed a lot over the years – in some ways for the better, in some ways for the, well, not so much better. Often, these changes are big enough to make it to the general public (most major US carriers now charging for checked luggage, for example). Other times these changes may be more gradual or just seem less important and not quite make it into the public light. Hence, the increasing number of travel myths and just general travel confusion in the air these days.

Some of the most common travel myths that I hear include:

1. Connecting flights are always cheaper – not so! They may be, especially if they are a red-eye or have several connections with various carriers. However, airports charge landing taxes, which means that the more the plane lands, the more taxes the airline, and therefore the customer, pays. kawaii licorne

2. It’s less expensive to purchase flights on certain days – this one is debatable. Some say yes, some say no. I haven’t found this personally to be true. chaussons pokemon In fact these days it’s the surges in fuel costs, more than anything, that drives airline prices. If you find a good price on a Saturday, I don’t recommend waiting until a supposedly cheaper day – snag it now!

3. collier argent You pay less by planning your trip last minute – false. This may be true if you just want to get away and aren’t particularly picky about the hotel, flight or even specific destination. coque samsung If you’re planning a two-week overseas trip, however, book early. You avoid arranging your trip around sold out flights and booked hotels, which leave you with fewer options – often the ones others don’t want to pay for.

4. Travel Insurance is a waste of money – false, completely false. Insurance has helped several of my clients when they have fallen ill while traveling or for other reasons needed to cut short or cancel their trip. You may not want to think about canceling your trip now, but do you want to pay for it later? Travel insurance can literally be a life saver. coque samsung

5. bracelet homme It’s less expensive to travel during the week – Generally, false. There used to be the “Saturday night stay” policy where you got a free or discounted night by staying over a Saturday. Then it went away and in fact was a travel myth. Now, it’s starting to make a come back, along with deals such as lower rental car rates for renting over a weekend. The best way to get the most affordable rates is to keep your dates slightly flexible and look for the lowest price within that week or month.

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9 Responses to “Travel Myths – Fact or Fiction”

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  2. maya says:

    Some of these are myths now because they used to be true, but no longer are (the travel during the week was one). It truly depends on your dates, availability and incentives being run by the airlines, hotels. Especially now, airlines and hotels might get plenty of business travelers during the week for quick trips, but are lacking the longer, more lucrative leisure vacations so may have weekend incentives.

  3. Paula Brach says:

    For those of us who haven’t traveled extensively in a while, these tips are great for getting back in the game! Thanks!

  4. alexis says:

    I totally thought that it was less expensive to travel during the week. That is definitely a myth that was drilled into my head. thanks for clearing that up!

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  6. Travel insurance is one of those little known products that is perfect for those with medical issues or if you are booking your vacation far in advance. It’s also a good idea for those vacations highly reliant on weather conditions.

  7. maya says:

    Anne and Tommy, thanks for your comments! Anne, travel insurance has helped several of my clients when they’ve had to cancel or interrupt their trips. Plus I figure – better safe than sorry! Often it’s the one time you skip the insurance that something happens and the times you get it that nothing does. I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law by the way.

  8. Anne says:

    Great tips! This busted a lot of myths for me… and how true about travel insurance, our family found it to be MORE than helpful!! We went with Travelguard when we were planning a trip to Mexico last year. My mother-in-law got pneumonia and was gravely ill so we cancelled all of our plans so I could stay with her in the hospital. THANK GOD we had travel insurance because they reimbursed us for almost everything we had planned, the resort , plane tickets …you name it ! We would have been out a lot of money if it wasn’t for the travel insurance!

  9. Thanks for clearing all of this up! I have always heard that it is cheaper to travel during the week, but with your information I’ll check again! Lots of valid points though about travel insurance and such!

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