Alternative Shore Excursions
April 20th, 2009

I attended multiple seminars at the Home Based Agent show which focused on the additional benefits that we can pass on to our clients. Some of these are newer concepts, perhaps driven by the change in airline rules and other industry standards, and some are familiar ones with a different twist. Whatever the case, they are items that you may not think to look into and are often areas in which travel agents can really help distinguish the services that best fit you for the best value. bague argent This week’s featured value – alternative shore excursions. Shore excursions are not in themselves a unique concept. iphone hoesje Most cruise lines have offered them for years. coque samsung If you’ve ever been a participant in one, you may notice that the descriptions by the cruise lines often leave some details out – the fact that the hike “for highly active participants only” is 60 people large and does not discriminate based on activity level, that your trip may be sold out well before you have a chance to sign up, and that you may have to stand in a long line to register therefore missing fun activities on the ship. bracelet homme The also do not tell you that you are probably paying a higher rate for a less superior service. coque samsung This is not a knock on the tour companies that service the cruises, it’s just the nature of mass shore excursions in a port. So what’s the solution? Private shore excursions offered by a company that specializes in just such a product. coque samsung ShoreTrips provides small group and private activities for cruisers in port or land vacation day trips. These expert guides know the destination inside out and can provide you with the exclusive experience that you can’t find in a large, generic group tour. ShoreTrips is available in virtually every major cruise market and isn’t just for cruisers – those taking FIT land vacations can also utilize ShoreTrips for day excursions. coque huawei Check back later Thursday of this week for more details on the destinations and experiences as we interview one of the owners of ShoreTrips.

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