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10 Fun Facts from South Korea
April 15th, 2009

To contrast to my more serious blog about the feeling in South Korea during this difficult time, I wanted to express some of my more light-hearted observances from the trip. air max 95 donna fjallraven kanken kids backpack warm yellow Though some are a bit silly, they might come in handier than you think! I have facts in quotation marks because they are personal notes – not from any written factual resource. coque iphone 11 12 mini pro max star lord Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Batman The Lego Z0278 Case

1. Korean women wear dresses, skirts and very high heels for just about every occasion. coque samsung galaxy s9 plus It’s truly amazing. 2. Busan’s live fish market is one of the most incredible markets I have ever encountered. jack white custodia iphone x tyui6550 I can’t honestly say if that’s a good incredible or a bad incredible (being a vegetarian) but it’s definitely worth checking out. I’d be impressed with anyone that can identify more than 50 percent of the creatures in there. 3. coque iphone If you can learn one Korean phrase, learn to say “thank you”. fjallraven kanken classic gamegrumps custodia iphone x tyui3677 cover iphone 11 rimuru tempest I have seen various spellings, though my Korean book lists it as Gamsa hamnida with the “G” pronounced as a “K”. coque samsung Your effort will be appreciated. coque iphone 4. Many Koreans are humble and explain they know very little English. In fact, I was overly impressed with their English, especially compared to my one word of Korean. coque samsung galaxy note5 Luckily, Korean’s seem quite good at guessing charades. fjallraven kanken classic backpack fog 5. Korean toilets have the most intricate seat I’ve ever seen, which include but are not limited to two different “spray” buttons and button that simply makes a flushing noise (does not flush the toilet) – in one bathroom, I saw this last one labelled as an “etiquette button”. 6. fjallraven kanken mini backpack putty On a slightly more serious note, most places in Korea are tip free and it can sometimes be an insult to tip. Size up the situation before you attempt to do so. coque samsung galaxy s20 7. coque iphone City maps (Seoul, Busan) may be detailed, but the scales are not accurate. cover custodia case iphone 11 O3151 dark wallpaper 15yR7 Several walks given the distance of a mile or two took several hours! Fortunately, Koreans do know the word taxi! 8. miami beach custodia iphone x tyui15016 Simply put, if you are a karaoke fan, Korea is the place for you! 9. coque huawei AIR VAPORMAX UOMO fjallraven kanken big backpack forest green cover custodia case iphone 11 J3913 rick et morty wallpaper 54aY2 There is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in the Insan-dong area of Seoul. cover custodia case iphone 11 C0084 dbz wallpaper 17oE3 They even have a wall of famous vegetarians, though I slightly doubted their listing of “Jesus Christ”. 10. dark funeral custodia iphone mini pro max 12 ret7074 cover iphone 11 the rock Many Korean meals are served more or less as a feast. AIR MAX 1 UOMO coque samsung galaxy a40 cover iphone 11 zorro Your entree itself often comes with about ten (no exaggeration) appetizer-size portions. Nike Air Force Donna fjallraven kanken mini backpack air blue anime ocean custodia iphone x tyui5750 Bring your appetite! If you’ve been to Korea, feel free to add your own.

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