A La Carte Airlines
April 2nd, 2009

In an effort to help reduce the basic flight cost for travelers (and to note lose a great deal of money in the process), some airlines are now introducing a new booking concept – choosing your flight amenities a la carte. bijoux bracelets When booking a flight, customers (or their travel planner) will be shown the fare for just the basic flight. coque samsung They will then be able to pick and choose “amenities” such as checking luggage, meal service, reserving a seat and various other services that the airlines offer for that particular flight. In some ways, this seems a bit ridiculous – you will now have to pay to reserve your seat and ensure you sit next to your travelling companion? In other ways, it makes a bit of sense and can save people money instead of making them pay for services they don’t need or want. For instance, I rarely eat the food served on my flights, unless I have a flight longer than about 6 hours and am flying an airline that actually includes free and somewhat decent meals (especially being a vegetarian, the choices are slim). bracelet homme Instead, I bring food from home – which perfectly allowed through security as long as it is solid in form – or I buy a bagel, sandwich or other non-perishables at the airport shortly before boarding and save them for later. Not only do they generally taste much better, I can eat them at my leisure. So in that sense, this a la carte option allows me the option to reduce my fare by not paying for a meal that I don’t enjoy along with that of my fellow travelers. The seat reservation is a little trickier, since it really costs the airline nothing to allow people to reserve their seats, but it does help to lower costs for those travelers willing to be more flexible with their seating arrangements. The a la carte concept is similar to the no-frills concept of airlines like Southwest – basically, you get what you pay for. coque huawei If you are willing to give up some of the “luxuries” that you are used to when flying, you get a lower cost. Will it work? I am a bit skeptical. coque huawei U.S. based airlines are already under much scrutiny from travelers for the lack of meal service and checked luggage fees. Many of my clients flying overseas will already only fly an international airline such as British Airways or Thai Airways. However, the airlines are willing to take that risk, and perhaps for domestic flights it will work.

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