2011 Travel Resolutions – Pass or Fail?
December 13th, 2011

Last year as the new year approached, I wrote a blog on travel resolutions for 2011. They were partly for me, and partly a general suggestion for travelers based on my work as a travel planner and travel experiences. As the year comes to a close, I thought I’d share just how I did on each of these.

Resolution: I will start taking off my metal items before I get to the metal detectors at the airport so that I don’t slow down the whole line.

Result: I’m so quick that if they made us walk through security naked I could get through without delaying the line. I’ve learned to wear slip on shoes, take my jacket/outer layer off before I even get into security and have my laptop out as I approach the line.


Resolution: I will opt for either the pat down or the scanner, or not to fly. I will make my crusade against these at a time other than while at the security check point, once again delaying everyone.

Result: I might be the only person excited to go through the full body scanner. I love technology, and if they’re really going to try to stare, joke’s on them. Security looks at me funny when I say “yes, the scanner!”.


Resolution: I will plan my small trips at least two to three months in advance, and my large trips (think two weeks through Europe, honeymoon) at least five to six months in advance, so that I don’t give my travel planner a heart attack.

Result: I did about 70/30 on this. My trip to Peru for March 2012 is basically all planned and I started months ago. I’ve had a few business flights that I should possibly have planned earlier. But since I don’t book just flights for clients, I feel I’m in the clear on this when it comes to my expectations/guidelines for clients.  In my defense, the delay in booking was all for business travel, and most of the time I was waiting for organizational approval/details before I could book.

Resolution: I will not try to pass off items that really should be checked luggage as carry-ons, taking up all the room in the overhead bins and forcing others to check their bags that really shouldn’t need to be.

 Result: I never brought aboard something that should have been a checked item. I pushed the limit a time or two but they were all the appropriate size and I made sure one of my two bags could always fit under my seat.


Resolution: I will travel to a new destination, even if just for a long weekend (for pleasure – business trips don’t count!)

Result: Yes! I spent time in an area of Virginia this year that I’d never been to.  Relaxed, visited, boated and unplugged (literally, my email spontaneously erased my inbox so, ironically, I couldn’t have worked if I’d tried)

Resolution: I will try a new type of local food when traveling (ethnic food, not just something off the local chain menu that you’ve never ordered before).

Result: I definitely tried some Puerto Rican fare. Delicious.


Resolution:  I will budget for inflated prices, particularly on flights, and be flexible in adjusting my plans to fit these new prices. Varying from the norm might even make for a more enjoyable vacation!

Result: The only inflated fares I had were for business and I didn’t really have a choice but to budget for them, so I guess this is yes by default.


Resolution: I will take pictures and videos when traveling and more regularly share my thoughts and photos through my preferred social media outlets.

Result: You all know I love social media (if not follow me on twitter and like Chimera Travel on Facebook). I also got a new digital SLR this past fall and I took/shared so many pictures that I had to get more memory on my computer!

Resolution: I will make a new friend in a destination that I travel to and keep up with the friend after I return (again, this is where social media comes in handy).

Result: I met a lot of new people on my trip to Vancouver recently. Some American, some Canadian, but I am already friends with them on Facebook and we’re sharing pictures.

Resolution: I will take place in some type of immersion experience when I travel, and keep an open mind when doing so. This could be attending a local sporting or music event, a food and/or wine tasting, a non-traditional tour by a local guide, a lesson on creating a local craft, or any other type of activity that gets me off the beaten path and truly gets me involved with the culture.

Result: I did a market tasting tour in Vancouver, and I went snowshoeing on Cypress Mountain there, which I’d never done before. In Puerto Rico, I did a lot of local dining and participated in events that had true Puerto Rican flavor.  As I didn’t travel much outside of the US this year, this was a little harder to accomplish but I did the best I could!

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  1. Very thorough blog, Maya. Sounds like you are batting close to a thousand on your resolutions. I’ll definitely Tweet this one out.

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