5 Random Things That Happened on My Southwest Flight
August 22nd, 2011

I recently flew to San Antonio via Houston on Southwest Airlines.  Everyone has recently been so down on the airlines in general, and I have to admit I’m not much of an exception to this. However, this trip was eventful enough that I felt that I had to blog about it, and point out the places in which I really think Southwest Airlines (SWA) did a good job handling the mishaps, all things considered. I promise, this was not in any way incentivized by the airline, I just like to share my positive experiences – at least as I see them – and point out the way in which you can take a travel situation that isn’t ideal and try to see the positives.  Without further adieu, here are “5 Random Things That Happened on My Southwest Flight”.

5. On one leg of each trip, they predicted turbulence so bad that the pilot asked the flight attendants to sit down and asked passengers not to ring their call button unless it was a true emergency. Very reassuring. At least they were honest. This is actually the second (and third) time I’ve been in this situation. This is the first time it made me air sick.

4. Our flight out of Philly was so delayed (go figure! Thank you once again, Philadelphia International) that we were sure to miss our connection. Southwest called ahead and got us on the next connecting flight going out an hour later and even checked us in to give us a boarding letter/numbrt – per SWA’s unique boarding process. Our original connecting flight was actually delayed and we got there just as the doors closed. They were completely honest and said they’d waited as long as they could but had then been told we were going to miss our connection so gave up our seats to those who had missed a previous connection. Some people complained, but I appreciated their honesty and the fact that they’d made the effort to call ahead and make sure we were going to make a connecting flight in the first place, even if it was a little later. What the people complaining didn’t think about was that we were doing the exact same thing to late arrivals for the flight we were placed on, and we were thrilled to get that seat … circle of life.

3. On the return flight, we waited for a few passengers that were on an incoming flight and would be there in the next 20 minutes (one passenger being a small child). Not only was this a surprising display of courtesy to flyers that were no doubt sprinting down the concourse, but the fact that they actually communicated this to us was perhaps even more alarming given the lack of communication flights often provide (or don’t) these days.

2. Due to the ridiculous heat in Texas and the cooler air in the plane, the overhead air vents started dripping – and in some cases full on spraying – on our heads. The flight attendants announced, “if your air vent is dripping on you, please let us know and we’ll bring you a towel!” Definitely a first in my book.

1. During all the delays, turbulence and dripping air vents, passengers were friendly, laughing and actually helping each other. It makes me wonder if SWA’s chivalrous attitude and sense of humor encourages passengers to adopt a bit of the same.

Thank you, Southwest Airlines for doing the best job you could with the famous Philly delays, thunderstorms and unintentional in-flight showers, all the while actually somehow making these delayed, queasy, wet passengers not want to kill each other. I truly do applaud you and will be flying you again next time I have the opportunity to do so. Plus, I like the fact that you offer me peanuts and pretzels.


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