Having Fun With National Travel & Tourism Week
May 11th, 2011

May 7 – 15 is National Travel & Tourism Week (that’s right, it’s happening right now!). As someone who makes a living in the travel industry, I’m excited to have a whole week dedicated to this. There are numerous stats on the size of the tourism industry and the impact on the economy and such. Those are incredibly important and a great representation of why this industry deserves a whole week of honor. However, there are also many people who can probably explain statistics and economics better than myself, so I’m taking this blog in a different direction… How can you (and I) celebrate the excitement and joy of travel during this week.

1. Plan your next vacation! I’m a travel planner – did you expect anything else to be number one on the list? In all seriousness though, fuel prices are expected to continue to increase the cost of airline tickets. If you are planning a trip, or think you may want to, start looking now. The sooner you book, the more you’re going to save. I also notice that the longer people wait to book a vacation, the less likely they are to actually take it. Life gets in the way and the next thing you know, your weeks are booked up or there is little availability or you don’t have the time left to book. Planning can be a process, so if you can’t book this week, at least start the process and be committed to taking that much deserved break.

2. Find something local, or at least relatively local, that you’ve wanted to do/see but never have gotten around to. Or, find something you never knew existed that piques your interest. By local, I mean something that you could do in a day trip or less. Enjoy it. Share it with others. Make an outing out of it instead of squeezing it in somewhere. It’s amazing what we can find in our own backyards!

3. Create your travel bucket list. Research shows that writing down goals helps people commit to them. If writing them down isn’t enough to keep you motivated, tell others (facebook, twitter anyone). Start with the big picture and then make it more realistic, more manageable. Where do you want to go this year, next year, in the next 5 years, etc? This takes your hopes and starts to formulate them into something you could actually do.

4. Learn about a new destination. You can use the “throw a dart at the map” theory or choose a place you’ve always wanted to learn about. Pick up a travel magazine that has information on areas you’ve never visited. Basically, expand your travel knowledge in a way you normally might not think to.

5. Share, share, share! Taken a recent trip or had a memorable travel experience? Blog about it, put up pictures online, create a photo album (there are multiple options for ordering albums created with digital photos. If you need resources, feel free to ask.)  Sharing your experiences serves several key purposes. First, it helps you relive a pleasant experience. And who wouldn’t want that? Second, it helps get others excited about that destination, activity, etc. Finally, it will most likely give you the “travel bug” all over again, and you’ll be more inspired to start taking action on planning your next trip instead of just dreaming about it.


Have other ideas to help get people excited about travel during this week? That’s part of the sharing, so please do!  Happy Travel & Tourism Week!


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