Cleaning the Bathtub – An Active Travel Challenge
October 6th, 2010

What do the two have in common? Well, pretty much nothing, minus the fact that they both require energy expenditure.  The other day, though, I was looking at my bathtub (actually the tiles on the wall above the tub) and thinking, “I really need to clean that, I wonder when I’ll get around to that”. Then I realized that I could “get around to it” right then. And you know what, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought, didn’t take nearly the time I’d anticipated, and when it was done I felt pretty accomplished. Because I’m the type that likes to analyze and hypothesize about stuff, I began thinking that this is pretty true with much of what we do in life. The procrastination and anticipation of doing things is actually much worse than the task itself.

I have talked to a lot of people, both in travel planning and with health and fitness advice, who have difficulty turning their wishes into goals and their goals into actions. They want to do that walking tour through Tuscany or create a biking program, but they don’t make it much past that initial step of formulating a wish. So, I though that as an incentive, I’d pose a little challenge.

For those who have ever wanted to take an active vacation, choose one. There are plenty of options – walking, hiking, biking, canoeing, and much more. There are more intense options and less intense options. If you can’t afford to take a vacation right now, that’s ok – just pretend you are taking one. If you can’t find one that fits you, create one. The idea is to have a goal, and one more exciting than just a number of miles or time at the gym. It’s certainly more motivating to work towards a bike and wine trip through Europe than just to count calories – at least for me!

The challenge can be a single activity or multiple. It can include non-active portions such as wine tasting, food tours, and sightseeing. It can be a large group, a small group, or a private tour.  If you’d like to get an idea for your trip, check out Gordon’s Travel Guide which provides information on active tours around the world.  I realize that fall and winter aren’t the best time to train, especially outdoors, so choose a tour/goal for next summer or early fall. This gives you the next 5 months or so to create your program and get the basics down – getting into a regular workout routine, finding the best cross-training activities – and then when spring comes around, you’ll be ready to start training fully.

As part of this challenge, I’m offering a free 30-minute consultation to help you create your training schedule and/or determine the best active vacation for you. This consultation can be done in person, via phone or even by email. To set up your appointment, send me and email or call me at 856-266-8898.

So what is your active challenge? Where do you want to go, and what do you want to do? I’ll be putting mine together and giving the details in my next blog! I can’t wait to hear about yours!

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